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Two Years

by Chris Freeman

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released January 29, 2013

All songs written and arranged by Chris Freeman

Produced, recorded and mixed by Chris Freeman
Additional engineering by Brandon Keys
Recorded at The Cabin, Bellvue, CO; The Basement, Fort Collins, CO; The Center For Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO
Mastering by Universal Mastering

Cover art by Chris Freeman

All instruments performed by Chris Freeman with the exception of:

Drums and percussion on Dear Alberton, Home, Things She Said, Pride, Better Love, The River performed by Brandon Keys
Additional background vocals on Home performed by Randi Freeman
Cello on Things She Said, Better Love and The River performed by Kimberly Fewless
Violin on Things She Said, Better Love and The River performed by Sheri Lee

Thanks to:
Randi, for being my creative partner and putting up with me through the entire process. You're my filter and sounding board and there's no one else I'd rather play these songs for first. Brandon Keys for giving up your vacation to work with me, for going above and beyond the call of duty and for acting as a quality control filter. Mikey Harper for being an unofficial assistant producer. Your critical ear is highly appreciated. David Sutton and Jay Huckabee for putting up with listening to these songs every time you get in my car. Mike Boyles and Hamidah Glasgow for the space. Andy Benton for the loaned instrumentation and for providing me with great blogging material. Anyone else who has been a part of my life, big or small, over the last two years.


©2013 Chris Freeman



all rights reserved


Chris Freeman Fort Collins, Colorado

A mild mannered fellow with respectable facial hair prowess whose musical stylings bring rest to the worn ears of the masses by conjuring images of early morning drives through lazy river canyons.

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Track Name: Dear Alberton
Dear Alberton, I wish that I could stay
But there's a siren that is calling me away
This city feels so comfortable and safe
But what is life without rough roads and risks to take?

You've settled for autumn
Even when the spring is just beyond your fears

I hope that things go well in Roseville when I'm gone
You should know
That life is better when you're facing the unknown

Dear Alberton, it's time that I must go
But think of me as I embrace life's ebb and flow
Wisdom comes from knowing that you know nothing at all
And leaning forward without fear that you might fall

Don't settle for autumn
When the sounds of spring are just beyond your ears

©2013 Chris Freeman
Track Name: Home
Sing a song for my departure
Play a tune as I go wander on
As I wander on
Songs of how in brazen fashion
I left home to chase my passion
I'm leaving home
I'm leaving home

Those four walls cannot contain me
My heart is set on where life takes me
I'm leaving home

Some have said I was naive
To leave my life and leave my fortune
I thought they were wrong
But I've been forced to reconsider
Happenstance has changed my picture
I want to go home
Can I go home?

Those four walls they did protect me
From elements and unseen danger
Can I go home?

Did I misjudge myself?
Humility doesn't taste good going down
Some have proposed I should just ask for help
But the hardest part of misery is laying my pride down

I miss my home

Those four walls were once my home
But now I'm here out on my own
I won't go home

©2013 Chris Freeman
Track Name: Things She Said
I remember better times
And these pictures serve as records
From my less complicated life
Now the creases round my eyes
Tell stories of a different kind

Situations unforetold
Stripped me of the faith that I arrived in
Not a hope to hold
Just a complicated scheme
To bring myself some rescue and relief

Sometimes it seems I've been forgotten
Sometimes it feels that way
My plans betray me in a moment
My circumstances thieves

Sometimes I cry at night
Eyes open towards the sky
Wondering if everything will ever turn out right

I am tired and I am worn
My hope shattered like a window
Lying broken on the floor
And my faith's a feeble thing
Choked by doubt that sprouted up like weeds

My head is telling me it's over
My heart says hope's not lost
I am an ever raging battle
Is this war worth the cost?

I bear the scars of resolution
I wear them on my face
And though they tell a different story
They tell a tale of grace

©2013 Chris Freeman
Track Name: Pride
I've been holding tightly to the trophies I have made
A tribute to my triumphs, and homage to my gain
But I admit this pretense has all but made a mess
My arrogance becomes a weight upon my chest

Yes I lay my kingdom down
For Your ways are better than a thousand crowns

Kneeling brings perspective
The burden I bear less
When surrendered are my castles
That crumble in Your presence
Consummate Your purpose, beautifully unveiled
Direction has my ship when grace billows my sails

©2013 Chris Freeman
Track Name: Better Love
Fare thee well to all my sorrows
To all my fears
I'll not see you tomorrow
I have found a better love
A perfect portion
To still my worries

Whose blessings fell like snow
Landing silent, still their beauty is known
I am not left wanting, for He is good
And I am blessed

Love like this, unending mercy
From grace filled hands that never will empty
Better love, my hope is found behind Your eyes
So I'll not worry

©2013 Chris Freeman
Track Name: The River
To whom it may concern
I'm writing to inform you
That my life has left the map
The snow has started falling
Blurring atmosphere and earth
In a gray and unfamiliar mess

But do not fret for me
I've heard the calling of the water
This estuary's guiding me
So toast to my new course
And celebrate the rescue I've received

To those who are concerned
I'm writing to disarm you
For my trials will come to pass
The road's been long and winding
And I'm off the beaten path
I know no better way
I can't go back

Carving it's way through granite rock
And forming canyons deep
I know that this great winding river's course will keep

©2013 Chris Freeman